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Hello everybody,

The long -awaited CD of the Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums, "Music of the American Revolution" has arrived!

Is now available here.

Bob Castillo


About the Music

This CD is a revision of our previously-published three-volume set of LP phonographic recordings which appeared under the same title. The dates are in each instance, the date each particular tune became associated with this particular TITLE in the literature and manuscripts as presently known. To some of the tunes, their more generally used titles are given.

In regard to the drum beatings: We have very few records of specific drum beatings from the 18th Century. Most beatings used by the Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes and Drums have been arranged to fit the music as closely to the STYLE of the period as we can reconstruct, using early 19th century manuals, and in accord with the traditional heritage of drumming.

How to Order Your Copy(s)

Price: $16.00 per CD

Includes Shipping Anywhere in Continental US.

(ASK, about postage and handling for Overseas Orders.)

Send an EMAIL message to Bob Castillo. Specify number of CD's desired, and where you wish them mailed. Payment may be made through any of the following:
(Payable TO: Bob Castillo, for The Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes & Drums, Inc.)

  • Money Order/Personal Check
  • Checks (MUST clear before shipping)
  • Visa or MasterCard via
  • If you DO use PayPal, We ship immediately.

If you send a check or money order, mail it along with a COPY of your EMAIL TO:
Bob Castillo
9 Main Street
Hampton, CT 06247

We prefer to ship via
US Postal Service
Priority Mail,
Unless otherwise instructed.

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