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Hale Family Coat of Arms & Crest

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Lambert Slide Show of Marquis of Granby Muster

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NathanHale Ancient Fifes & Drums
2009 Photo Gallery

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If you have some good pictures,
Please, send them to me!!! I will add them to this collection.
I particularly need photos of our ALUMNI!!!, All of the Muster Photos were taken by my daughter, Mary. I was a little busy and did not get to take many , myself. ..

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Audrey Lambert, Director of the Marquis of Granby Jr. Ancient Fyfe & Drums Corps, put a huge photo Gallery up on line of both the Afternoon Battle on Saturday and the Muster on Sunday. Great shots! She has made them available to us at To view slide show of Audrey Lambert's Photos, Click on this LINK. |

If you see a picture you want, just right-click on it and "Save As" to any where you want to save it on your computer. Use the "BACK ARROW" to return to this site.

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These are photos taken throughout the year to date ...
Most of them were taken by our Corps Photographer, Doug Barton,
and quite a few by Mary or Diane Castillo.

Historic Deerfield, Saturday, April 12, 2013

Kerby and Bob playing Reveille

Morning Gun

Lily and Town Crier, Kim Gregory

Lexington Alarm Arriving

Dave Loda and Huckleberry riding on to warn Greenfield

Parade to town for recruiting

Bob & Dave getting into it

New, this year ... Nick, Jason and his bag-pipes

St. Patrick's Day Parade, Worcester
Sunday, March 10, 2013

With our Colors Flying, Here we come!

Our Color Guard

Drum Line ( Welcome Here Again, Valerie! )

Bob, Nick, Valerie, Janet, Gabby, Claudia, and Jessica...

John, Bob, and Sue. (Nice threads, John!)

Memorial Day Parade, Tolland
Sunday, May 26, 2013

Welcome, Emily! Nice smile, Carla!

Two of our favorite fans!

Waiting to perform Mourning Muskets

Welcome back, Darrell ! Great to see you there.

Memorial Day Parade, Coventry
Sunday, May 27, 2013

Playing for the Hometown crowd.

Sarah and Doug, preparing our Grand Union Flag for Casing.

4th of JulyParade, Columbia
Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our visitor from Germany carrying the Webb Regimental Flag ... Looking good, Sue!

Dave Carl and Nate making the big bangs!

Priscilla, also visiting from Germany, showing "Gramps" how it is done.

Nathan Hale INTERNATIONAL Muster, Sunday, July 28, 2013
Complete with corps from Switzerland!

Taking the field at our Muster

Joint program with Colonel John Chester Corps

This Muster was dedicated to Ed Rhodes, R.I.P.

New Family ... Gregory, Lisa, and Mike (Dad) in background.

Bob playing the Muffled Drum for Ed

Both Corps playing Sisters in tribute

Alumni, Barbara still swinging those beaters.

More Alumni ... Mickey and Pam

From Neiderwil, Switzerland! Argovia Rebels

Their fifers joined by Kentish Guard fifer

Their Bass Drum Section.

Chowder Queen and her new helper, Mary, in her "new" period clothing.

Diane and Bob toasting a sucessful muster ... with lemonade!

Westbrook Muster, Saturday, August 24, 2013

Welcome to the Westbrook Muster

Hanging out waiting to step off

Here come our Colors!

Our Snare Drum Line

Made it to the entrance

Entering the Field.

Now what do we do?

Ah .... Meet and Greet your Friends. You look great in those threads, Vicki!

--> These were taken on the 18th of April, 2010.
Victory Parade, Hartford, CT ...UCONN Women's Basketball ... 78 - 0 !!!

Ed, It starts with a SEVEN!!!.

Ruth & Jennifer before the parade

What a Crew !

Rangers before start

Our Rangers stepping off

Our Colors on Parade

Looking SHARP!

Mark, doing his thing

Here we come again!


What's with the shades, Kathy??

Near the end of the parade

Good lines and all in step

Ruth checking in at end of the parade

A well earned rest.

A couple of those hills were mean!


The UCONN WOMEN !!!! They conquered ALL !

These were taken on the 26th of July, 2009.
Nathan Hale Fife & Drum Muster

Diane ...Practice, Practice, Practice!!!.

Our Banner Crew

Our Color Guard

Our Fifes Turning the Corner.

And our Drums Turning the SAME Corner!

Marquis of Granby ...Major & fifes.

Marquis of Granby Bass Drummers.

Windsor Junior Ancients Fife & Drum Corps

Colchester Contintntals, Our Featured Corps!.

Connecticut Valley Field Music Drum line.

Westbrook Drum Corps.

Milford Volunteers #1

Milford Volunteers #2

Col. John Chester Jr. Ancient F&D Corps.

Col. John Chester Jr Ancient F&DC

Nathan Hale On Stand

Nathan Hale Snare Line on Stand

Nathan Hale Bass Drummer on Stand

Nathan HAle Fifers On Stand

These were taken on the 25th of July, 2009.
Nathan Hale Homestead Encampment
The Day of the Battle

Pam ... All the way from St. Petersburgh, Florida.
Here for the Alumni Medley, complete with her Gorgette.

Our Chowder Queen and two attendants... Thanks for all you do.

Dinah and Jim

Ed and David chatting.

George Entering the Chowder Queen's Domain....

These were taken on the 24th of July, 2009.
Nathan Hale Homestead Encampment
The Day Before the Battle

Carla's Area

Carla and her Dead Raccoon

Dave's Area ... Nice CROCS !!! I love the color.

Dave's Area in Use.

Welcome Here Again, Candy.

The rest of the Iron Man Story #2

The rest of the Iron Man Story #3

The rest of the Iron Man Story #4
Looks like the Truck Won this Round!

Main Street Entrance

Fire Pit ... at High Tide

On Monday, Ed Rhodes and some stalwart assistants,
turned to and set up most of our canvas before the rains came.

Thanks Ed

Thanks Ed

Thanks Ed

Thanks Ed

Thanks Ed

Thanks Ed

Thanks Ed

Thanks Ed

Thanks Ed

2009 Hartford, Ct. Veteran's Day Parade.
Thanks to everybody for a very good turnout. We looked good and sounded strong. I received a compliment from a couple of members of the American Legion Post, # 84, from Simsbury, CT., who were marching directly behind us. They told me we kept the best cadence they had ever marched to in a Hartford parade! . Special Thanks to Claudia for pitching in to carry our colors. Kerby, and Joyce and all of our Artillery. Sorry we missed getting a picture of Candy. We had enough fifers that I got to play on my little drum!

And here we come with our Artillery leading the way!

Closer approach shot

Commander Middleton. Looking sharp, Dave!

Claudia carrying our colors, flanked by Joyce.

Mark, preparing to execute a left single stroke... Nice form!

Bob, Ed, and Joyce relaxing under the Arch

Joyce getting ready to hit the bottle... (water).. I think.

And there we go! Ruth and Kerby

Dave hanging on to the anchor line...

Selection of Photos taken at Marquis of Granby Muster ...Courtesy of Audrey Lambert, Director.

Announcer's Booth

Shop til you drop, Folks!

Our Colors

More Colors

View of the grounds and a good "attention"

Cute kids at the fence

SMART kids with umbrellas

REALLY SMART kids with umbrellas

Corps Looking Good!

Corps Marching (on or off)

Corps Still Marching

March off, look at those lines!

Corps on Stand

Corps Out There Doing it!

And then, the rain came down. (nice shed)

Ruth taking Salute

Ruth taking Ribbon

Ruth returning Salute

Ruth taking Bow

Cap Corduan ... THAT is the Spirit!

Cap and the Quahogs. Note crutches on ground.

The geese are on the wing. It has been a great summer!

s i n c e ............

These were taken at the Columbus Day Parade in Worcester, MA, Sunday, October 11, 2009 (by Diane Castillo).

Here We Come!

Who IS that GUY in the Colors?

Welcome Back, Valerie! .

Whatcha lookin' at, Dan???

And, there we go! Looking and sounding Great!

These parades end too soon.

Relaxing at the end. Soldier's Joy, Anyone?????? Hellooooo .... anyone listening???

These were taken at the 4th of July Parade in Columbia, CT.

Bob Before the Parade

Here we Come

Here we Come, A Little Closer.

Color Guard Commander, Thompson Sounding Off!

Fifers getting ready. Who IS that Handsome guy on this end of the line?

The Front Line

Our Snares ... Looking good, Val!

Our Bass Drums. Welcome here again, Brenda.

Bob at the End of Parade
Still on Feet, Not in Need of O2


Tolland Pictures.

I hope I did not interrupt anything important, fellas

Looking Good, Candy !

Hey, Look who's here! Welcome Here Again, Valerie!

Sounding good today, Jim.

You are a long way from Sandwich, Mass! Thanks, David.

Looks like some kind of family gathering, here!

I don 't think she is on sentry duty.. Let's hope not.

Planning session in progress!

You TOLD me I could put your picture on the web site, John...

And here are some photos taken by Jim Murphy which he sent to me.

Practicing for Mourning Muskets. Looks great!

Ed, David, and Valerie

Practice, practice, practice!

Coventry Pictures.

This group of little Kennedys did a great job today.

Smile, you are on candid camera!

Becky getting ready!

I TOLD you, Ruth, It starts with a SEVEN!

Molly, Bridgette, and Anne Marie Charland
First parade!

Danny ... looking good!

Jim Murphy dropping in

Our friends from the Nathan Hale Homestead staff.
Hi, Bev!

Hi, Diane. I followed you all the way over here!

And, here we come!

Swapping muskets over on the end??

Molly! Watcha lookin' at??

Here come the colors!

Turned the corner and heading down the homestretch

Knowlton's Connecticut Rangers ... Passing in Review!

Our Banner and Color Guard.

Hey! The camera is over here!


What a drum line!

Our friends from the Homestead!

Look at that fife line stepping out!!!

That is PERFECT FORM, Ed..!

All done! Parade is over! Going home to enjoy the rest of the holiday!
... or whatever...

2010 Encampment & Muster Weekend Pictures.

Our Chowder Queen at work feeding the multitudes

Smile, you are on candid camera!

Great dress, Gabby! Is that thing alive???

Looking good, Guys

Diane's Magic Moment!

Our visiting royalty!

Welcome Here , Again!

Nice, domestic scene.

Marty with her rain-stopping California Umbrella!

You are looking very sharp, Sir!

Our Feature Corps from Midland, Michigan
The Tittabawasee Valley Fife & Drum

Parlay. They seem to be exchanging compliments

Guess the compliments not acceptable!

Yep, the battle is on!

Our Horseman, David Loda firing pistol at the lobsterbacks!

David & Huckleberry earlier in the camp

Smile, you are on candid camera!

Inspecting our troops !

Artillery in action

Mark Talking over old times with the Murphys!

What a show these two put on!

Have pictures you want added ... NOW?

Then, send them to me, Bob Castillo at RIGHT NOW / RIGHT HERE!

If you have an interest in joining us, arranging for an appearance at your event, or simply desire more information, feel free to write to: Nathan Hale Ancient Fifes And Drums, P.O.Box 1776, Coventry, Ct. 06238.....
or... Contact Bob Castillo by e mail

Feel free to visit our WEB SITE

The Tune "ComeHaste to the Wedding" was digitized for us by Mr. Kerby Lovallo, and is from our own CD ...


This wonderful CD is available online at the Liberty Bell Museum, Gift Shop While you are there, make sure to look over the rest of this very unique store.

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