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Charlotte J. Eastlack
Echoes of Liberty Jr. Fife and Drum

I began the group in May of 1992. I'm a home schooling mom (in our 7th year) with a degree in Music Ed. I had plenty of help..from an expereinced piccolo player, a demanding drill instructor(thanks to the US marines), a dad who was a patient parade drummer, and his wife who sewed costumes at record breaking speed! Our first parade was July 4, 1992.

Since that start five years ago, the group has performed about 70 times, with many appearances at the Jersey shore. On this past July 3rd, we played a twilight concert in front of the Jefferson Memorial-awsome experience.

Our group involves about 20 home schooling families, with 60 members in uniform. Most of us are American History fanatics, and this music is a terrific way to enjoy history.

We are completely non-profit. We earn our Cooperman Drums and Fifes through our parade and concert fees. No one pays anything to join our group.

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