Dan Malstrom

Dan Malstrom passed away peacefully this afternoon at 5:20 PM, Tuesday, July 7, 2009

His family of 3 sisters and 2 brothers along with a niece and nephew
were present with Dan when he drew his last breath.

A loss of a great brother to me, my best friend in the world, we
lived together and travelled together since Dan was born. And also a
great loss to the Monumentals - Dan was the most dedicated member
of the Monumentals and was thoroughly delighted and took great pride
in carrying our colors and at times it was difficult during his 15 active

Funeral services are being worked out tomorrow morning and you will be advised by e-mail.

In the Ancient Spirit,

Gus Malstrom

fife drum

Family Farewell

fife drum

Good bye, Danny boy
I remember ............................... back in 2007
after Dan and I returned from our (final) Christmas Party together at Marty and Ieva's. We were talking about
what a wonderful second family we were part of - MONUMENTAL CITY.

Dan said to me: "Gussie, the Monumentals love me". And I replied: Dan, I know they (we) sure do".

Well, since then and especially during Dan's final week with us, the Monumentals
left no doubt with their outpouring of great love for Dan.

Dan's own family is overwhelmed and forever thankful and grateful for the great show
and display of love and affection for Dan by the Monumentals. Dan loved all and
was loved by all whom he met. Dan taught us how to live and die in peace anddignity.

Dan was always smiling and happy, greeted everyone he met with a wave and a smile. Dan loved carrying the flag,
never out of step, for 15 years until his illness forced him to stop. Dan told me that at times it was a difficult
duty but he told me "I'll make it". And he always did.

Although Dan will be sorely missed, I look forward to Dan being with us, in spirit, in all of our Monumental undertakings.
This afternoon at Bill's home when we played, I could envision Dan being there in the middle of the circle
dressed in his outfit waving and saying: "I'm here, guys, I love you, you sound great!!"

So, with this, we'll say: Good bye, our Dannny boy, we love and will miss you".

Thanks to the courtesy of Peggy we are attaching a photo of Dan
As Peggy describes the photo- It is Danny to a T

Deepest love to the Monumentals from the Malstroms,
Gus, Bill, Betty, Kitty and Dolly

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